Class Registration

Summer/Fall 2024 Registration Schedule

Pre-registration begins March 11. Please make an appointment with your Advisor for that week to pick your courses and obtain your Web Registration (ALT) PIN.

Summer 2024

  • Online registration for all students, regardless of class year or credits earned, begins Sunday, March 17 at 10 p.m.

Fall 2024

  • Seniors | Class of 2025 (73 or more current credits earned)
    • Online Registration for ALL Upcoming Seniors begins Sunday, March 17 at 10 p.m.  
  • Juniors | Class of 2026 (43 or more current credits earned)
    • Online Registration for ALL Upcoming Juniors begins Tuesday, March 19 at 10 p.m.
  • Sophomores | Class of 2027 (13 or more current credits earned)
    • Online Registration for ALL Upcoming Sophomores begins Sunday, March 24 at 10 p.m.
  • First Year Students | Class of 2028 (less than 13 current credits earned)
    • Online Registration for all 2nd semester first-year students begins Tuesday, March 26 at 10 p.m.

NOTE: Registration for all new incoming First Year Students for Fall 2024 will be done by the Registrar’s Office in June 2024.

Summer and Fall 2024

  • MBA, Nursing, Engineering Management, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering
    • Online Registration begins Sunday, March 17 at 10 p.m.
  • Creative Writing
    • Registration will be processed automatically by the department prior to the June Residency.

Graduate Education Summer 2024

  • Graduate Education Programs Registration
    • Online Summer registration begins Thursday, Feb. 8 at 12:01 a.m.

Current 鶹 Students

Be sure to pre-register with your advisor on the appropriate date. You can register for classes online at any time beginning with your .

Registration Steps

  1. Log in to the online class registration system via the above link using your 鶹 Portal credentials.
  2. Select the term you want to register for.
  3. Enter your Alternate PIN (The PIN that you received from your advisor).
  4. Enter the CRN numbers of the courses you wish to add.

Extended Registration Hours

Registrar’s Office (Capin Hall), Student Affairs Office (Passan Hall) and Part-time/Evening Programs (Chase Hall) will be open during the following extended hours.


  • Your advisor will give you an Alternate PIN (Personal Identification Number), which MUST be used to register for classes. You can use the web to change or view your class schedule at any time during active web hours.
  • Be sure to select alternate course sections. If the section you want is closed or in conflict with another course, you may enter a second choice.
  • Faculty assignments are listed as available.
  • Class periods are 50 minutes long, except where noted.
  • Evening classes are indicated by the letter “E” following the course number.
  • Hybrid classes are indicated by the letters “IH_” following the course number.
  • On-Line classes are indicated by the letters “I_” following the course number.
  • Closed sections are noted as such on the schedule as they occur.
  • The University reserves the right to cancel a section where circumstances require such action.

Graduate Students

  • Students in the Engineering, Mathematics, MBA, & Nursing programs may register online after meeting with their program advisor.
  • Students in the MS Ed. program may register online with the Graduate Teacher Education Office.
  • Further information can be obtained by contacting program advisors.

New Students Admissions

  • Undergraduate Students: Application to 鶹 should be made to the Admissions Office in Chase Hall. For more information call (570) 408-4400.
  • Graduate Students: Application to 鶹 as a full- or part-time graduate student should be made to Graduate Enrollment. For more information call (570) 408-4235.

Miscellaneous Information

鶹 University will gladly defer payments for students who have tuition benefits through their employers. Forms are available at the Center for Continued Learning. Please note: Requests for deferment must be submitted prior to the beginning of each semester.

For tuition and fees, please refer to the Financial Aid page.

In order to register for class, students must be financially clear with any outstanding balance due the University. For more information, please visit the Bursar/Tuition Billing office page.

Please remember, all charges for the current semester must be paid two weeks prior to the start of classes unless the Bursar’s Office has approved alternate arrangements. 鶹 University accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for tuition and fee payments.

The Pell Grant, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, PHEAA State Grant, College Work Study and Stafford Student Loan are available to part-time students. Interested students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to financial need, eligibility is based on enrollment status. All programs except the Pell Grant require at least half-time enrollment. Inquiries about financial aid should be directed to (570) 408-4512 for information.

Details on the refund policy can be found on:

Information about veterans’ benefits is available through the Financial Aid Office, (570) 408-4512.

A student wishing to withdraw from a course should first discuss the matter with the instructor. Students are not withdrawn from a course when they simply do not attend. Students must complete a course withdrawal form, available on the Registrar page.

During the first week of the semester, a student may withdraw from a course by informing the instructor, completing a withdrawal form (signed by the student’s advisor) and returning it to the appropriate office. Students should return the form to the Registrar’s Office.

After the first week, withdrawal is allowed through the tenth week of the semester and requires the approval and signature of both the instructor and the student’s advisor.

Thereafter, a student may withdraw only for medical reasons (supported by a written excuse from a physician) or other extremely serious circumstances, as determined by the dean of the school in which the course is being taught. Poor academic progress, in and of itself, will not be considered sufficient reason for permission to withdraw from a course after the allowed withdrawal period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undergrads can register any time from the start of your appointed day and hour, but not before.

For Graduate course offerings, please visit the Graduate Education Schedule page.

Either select the waitlist option for that course or enter the CRN number of an alternate class that you selected with your advisor.

Please check your account balance on the . If a balance is due, you may make an immediate payment. If you require payment assistance, you may review the financial aid resources or contact the Financial Aid Office at

Yes, but only after you have been granted permission to register for that course by the relevant department chairperson.

Obtain a cross registration form.

The relevant department chairperson's signature is required.

Obtain an independent study form.

The relevant department chairperson's signature is required.

You may register through the Admissions Office in Chase Hall. Academic advisement is available by calling (570) 408-4400 or email for an appointment.

If you plan to attend 鶹 for one semester, and transfer the credits back to your home institution, you must complete a Visiting Student application and register with the Registrar’s Office. Please call (570) 408-4961 or email for more information.

Current high school students who want to take a course at 鶹 may register after receiving written permission from their principal or guidance counselor. Interested students can may call (570) 408-4400 or email for more information.